Liverpool Fans Sue UEFA Because Of This…

Liverpool fans sue UEFA

The court case between UEFA and Liverpool fans over the debacle surrounding the 2022 Champions League final is set go ahead as planned.

The lawsuit was filed against UEFA due to chaos outside the Stade de France ahead of the 2022 Champions League final between Liverpool and Real Madrid, which caused a delay of more than half an hour. Fans complained of harsh treatment when they were herded into pens outside the stadium, and footage of French police spraying tear gas on them surfaced.

Justice Edward Pepperall of the High Court in Liverpool has rejected a motion made by UEFA to throw out a court hearing concerning allegations made by 887 Liverpool supporters regarding the mayhem.

UEFA were deemed to have “primary responsibility” for the mistakes that nearly caused the largest event in European club football to be a “mass fatality catastrophe” in May 2022 in Paris, according to an independent assessment that was released last year.

UEFA has maintained that the accusations are outside the jurisdiction of UK courts and has requested additional time for reports from French law experts that have been recruited by both parties. However, Justice Pepperall has decided that the jurisdictional hearing later this month will address the matter regardless of UEFA’s requests.

The hearing will now go ahead later this month on June 28 and June 29 at a jurisdictional hearing. UEFA also began a series of measures for the next finals, including increasing the number of security officers and involving fans in the planning and execution.

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